Middle East Spine SocietyFounded 2011
Salman Sharif

As we move into this new year for the Middle East Spine Society, the executive committee and I would like to thank every member for being part of our society. We would especially like to thank the founding members for their never ending enthusiasm and passion for the society. Without the support of our members and affiliated societies, we would not have progressed this far. In the coming years, we hope to continue to contribute on a larger scale to the education and training in the field of spine through multiple scientific activities.

Middle East Spine Society is unique for its affiliation with neurosurgical institutes from many different countries. We have already performed various workshops and courses with various international and regional societies and would like to continue to do so. We want to endeavor to collaborate and work with other organizations including WFNS, WSCS, ACNS, PSN, MNS, BSS, and Turkish MISS. This divergence will create a vast network that will enable us to exchange the knowledge and neurosurgical practices that will help young neurosurgeons be the best in their field. This year, we plan to take the society to a whole new level.

While achieving new heights, the main objectives of the society set by Professor Mehmet Zileli will remain the building blocks for us. We will continue to spread the message, and research into the cause, prevention and cure of human diseases in the field of spine surgery, just the way our founding President Prof Mehmet Zileli did. I would also like to appreciate the precedent President of MESS Abd-Elhafiz Shehab-Eldien for his excellent efforts. As the President of MESS, I again welcome you all and hope to have all the spinal facilities in our region to be of high standards and at par with all the top institutions in the world.

Salman Sharif Signature
Professor Salman Sharif
President of the Society

Mehmet Zileli

Dear Colleagues,
Middle East Spine Society (MESpine) is a very young society and I invite all spine surgeons in this part of the world to be a part of our growing scientific and educational association. The idea of the society has been founded during an international conference (1st Middle East Neurosurgical Symposia) organized at Istanbul in April 2010. The official foundation and first executive committee was built in 2011 in Cairo.

The major aim of the MESpine is to develop and promote the art and science of spine surgery and take it to much higher levels. After four main meetings and many courses and activities in different arenas, the society gets more mature. I am sure it will gain more power with contributions of members.

Mehmet Zileli Signature
Prof. Dr. Mehmet Zileli
Honorary President of the Society
Founding President 2011-2015