Middle East Spine SocietyFounded 2011

Joint meeting of Istanbul Spine Masters 2018 & ISMISS Turkey 2018

Frederic Jacquot Seven Years of Spinejack What we have learned ?
Se- Hoon Kim Overcoming Fracture Progression in Complicated Kümmell’s Disease
Cristoph Birkenmaier- Reconstruction of Unstable Lumbar Disc Spaces by Means of PMMA
Sebastian Gitter Stabilization using a dynamic plate versus two level cages
Hikmet Uluğ- Endoscopic discectomy: past, present and future
Tunç Öktenoğlu Percutaneous transforaminal endoscopic fusion and stabilization
Mehdi Sasani Lumbar discectomy for extraforaminal disc herniation
Chi Heon Kim- The amount of disc removal in percutaneous endoscopic lumbar
Hikmet Uluğ Kambin Triangle & Intervertebral Foramen
Vladimir Radchenko The effectiveness of mechanical denervation of facet joints under endoscopic con
Cristoph Birkenmaier Spinal balance, chronic ‘myofascial’ LBP and concomitant spinal stenosis
Kemal Koç Oblique corpectomy for cervical spondlyotic myelopathy
Figen Yağmur Aslan Neural therapy in spinal pain
Chi Heon Kim Posterior endoscopic cervical discectomy and foraminotomy
Hikmet Uluğ Endoscopic lumbar discectomy
Deniz Erbulut Fundamentals of spinal biomechanics
Vijay Goel Disrupted biomechanics in degenerative spine
Deniz Erbulut Biomechanics of cervical and lumbar disc prosthesis
Vijay Goel Biomechanics of lumbar posterior dynamic stabilization
Mehmet Zileli Fusion or motion preservation in degenerative spine
Fahir Özer What should be our priority ? Preserving motion or achieving a simple stabilization
Arvind Kulkarni ADR vs ACDF: Specific modifications in operative technique
Sebastian Gitter Double level hybrid surgery of the cervical spine
Frederic Jacquot A peek on peek cervical disc prosthesis, a 50 cases experience
Olivier Gille Anterior bone loss in cervical disc arthroplasty
Douglas Orr Motion preservation frenzy: A cautionary tale
Ufuk Talu Screw based lumbar posterior dynamic system: indications and current evidence
Onur Yaman Clinical experiences with Dynesis
Olivier Gille Dynamic stabilization of the lumbar spine with BDyn
Tunç Öktenoğlu Posterior dynamic stabilization with dynamic screw dynamic rod and dynamic screw
Fahir Özer Orthrust: A new post dynamic system and its clinical application
Mehdi Sasani Osteoporotic fractures and dynamic system
Ahmet Levent Aydın Facet repair
Joachim Oertel TLIF technique MIS or open ?
Douglas Orr Is there a role for limited surgery in adult deformity
Arvind Kulkarni Degenerative Spondylolisthesis: A New Scoring System to Aid Decision Making and App
Douglas Orr Instrumented interbody fusion
Nikolay Peev Indirect decompression with XLIF or ALIF
Mohamed Mohi Eldin Classic laminectomy
Kemal Koç Unilateral approach using microscope
Joachim Oertel Unilateral approach using endoscope
Salman Sharif Discectomy with or without fusion
Cumhur Kılınçer Anterior foraminotomy
Joachim Oertel Posterior foraminotomy
Abd- Elhafiz Shehab-Eldien Complications of spinal instrumentation
Kemal Koç En bloc cervical laminoplasty for CSM
Fahir Özer Management of cervicothoracic junction disc herniations
Nikolay Peev MISS: Preventing complications and maximizing the results
Douglas Orr Importance of balance
Onur Yaman Lenghtening the fusion levels
Sait Naderi Management of malignant spine tumours: current trends